Parker church of Christ Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update


Parker Family,

Over the last week your eldership has been monitoring updates on the Coronavirus (COVID-19).  Please know that we love you and are prayerfully considering how to respond to our current health crisis which puts many of our number at serious risk.  We strive both to keep God's will while obeying the decrees of our public officials and attempting to keep the members of our spiritual family safe.  

First and foremost we want you to know that we value both your life and your soul.  We pray that you will have patience with us and know that adjustments we are making are intended to be temporary.  We recognize that many feel that the reactions seem

extreme but we and our public officials hope that these measures will help prevent overburdening our healthcare system as we have seen happen in other nations.  It may be difficult, but we ask that you avoid close contact with each other as much as possible.  We have also implemented greater cleaning procedures for our building.

Returning Family Members

If you or a member of your family in your house is returning from a destinations via airline then we ask that you self-quarantine for two weeks before rejoining the assembly. 

At-Risk Members

We ask members in high risk categories whether that be age or pre-existing health conditions please consider refraining from attending worship services for the next two weeks.  You are at much greater risk from this disease than the rest of the population.  We also ask that if you are ANY age and are currently sick to please refrain from attending worship services for to please refrain from attending services for the next two weeks.



We have made arrangements that one person (wearing gloves) will be preparing the communion.  We will have tables set out up front with the bread and the juice in individual cups.  Each row will be asked to come up to the tables to partake of the bread AND the juice together and then dispose of the cups.  While up front, you will also be able to place your contribution in the trays.   


Sunday Services

We WILL BE meeting for Sunday morning worship at 11:00 am. 

However we are suspending Sunday morning Bible classes AND Sunday evening worship services.

We will be continuing to record the sermons(Audio) and placing those up on our web site (  We will also be Live Video Streaming worship services on Facebook Live.


Wednesday Services

We are suspending Wednesday evening Bible Classes.  This means that we will not be meeting as a family on Wednesday night.


Other Church Activities

All other church activities outside of Sunday morning worship are suspended:

  • Teen Devos
  • Lads 2 Leaders practices
  • Ladies' Bible Class
  • Etc.

These changes are effective starting Sunday, March 15th going through Wednesday, March 25th.  We will reevaluate things after that date.

Please look to reliable sources such as the CDC or the Colorado Health Department for more information.  Useful links:

What to do if You're Sick

What you should know about COVID-19

Colorado Health Department


In Christian love,

The Elders