**IMPORTANT** New COVID-19 Update (3/19/20)

Dear Parker church family,

(Thursday, March 19, 2020)

After carefully monitoring the progression of the COVID-19 Virus and weighing our options, the elders have made the following temporary adjustments to our scheduled activities and services at the Parker church of Christ:

ALL Service Times (including Sunday AM Bible Class, Sunday AM and PM Worship, and Wednesday Bible Class) along with all events including (Fellowships, Teen Activities, Lads-to-Leaders, etc.) have been CANCELLED for the remainder of March.

Recent guidelines suggest limiting contact to crowds of 10 to slow the spread of this virus.  Along with Federal, State, and Community efforts, we are joining in to help minimize the effect of this virus on those in our community.  

In light of our current circumstances, James and/or Steve will be live-streaming words of encouragement throughout the week on Facebook Live on our Inside the Parker Facebook page. 

James and/or Steve will also be live-streaming a sermon each Sunday morning at 11AM through Facebook Live on our Inside the Parker Facebook page. We encourage all members to participate in the sermon and engage in each of the other prescribed acts of New Testament worship at home with your families. If you are unable to get out to the store to purchase unleavened bread or grape juice, please let the elders know so they can arrange for someone who would be happy to get it for you. 

The work and needs of the church continue, so we ask that you continue to support the work through your financial contributions. Your weekly contributions may be mailed to the church treasurer (Lance Petrillo), or you can set them aside to give when our normal meeting times resume.

This decision was made after much prayer and deliberation. We have been charged with the care and protection of the church, and we believe that this is our best plan of action due to the current situation. We recognize that worship is not limited to a building or to an address. We can be the church and worship as the church outside of the walls of our building. These circumstances will not last forever, and our God is in control! Our regular assemblies and activities will resume at a later date. In the meantime, we encourage everyone to stay in contact with one another and check on one another during this challenging time. If you have any needs or concerns, the elders are always available to talk to or meet with you.

Take care of yourselves. We love you!

  • The Elders