Who Will You Choose to Obey?

"...It's OK to believe in God - so long as you don't follow the tenets of your faith" (Todd Starnes - "Flower Power", Todd's American Dispatch).

This quote is taken from an article I read about Barronelle Stutzman, a florist in the state of Washington, who refused to provide flowers for a gay wedding. This lady is now being sued for discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation.

In California, there was a legislation passed with in CSU schools (California State Universities) which now makes it impossible for christian clubs to represent themselves on campus. They had to allow non-christians to be able to be in leadership roles of their christian clubs. Because the christians clubs did not agree to this (obviously) they no longer receive funding as a CSU club. They can no longer be represented as a CSU club at events where they try to recruit mew members. They have been taken off websites and now have to pay hefty fees to hold events on campus, which were previously free. (College Fix - Aaron Bandler)

It seems every week now we are hearing more and more stories about Christians being sued, discriminated against, and even killed.

The culture in America is essentially telling us you can believe in God all you want, just don't act on any of your beliefs. In other words... don't be faithful.

We have to decide now whether or not we are going to stand for God or remain seated and silent. We cannot be naive to think that we won't ever face anything like this and be satisfied with where our faith is now. We, like Daniel, must purpose in our heart to do God's will no matter what may befall us. When we then find ourselves being persecuted, the decision to stand for God will already have been made. The choice will be obvious.

Barronelle Stuzman was given a chance to pay a much smaller fine if she would no longer "discriminate" in the future. She decided to stand on the side of God's word. She now faces the possibility of losing her house, her company, and all of her belongings. But she rather lose it all than support what God calls sin and potentially lose heaven.

The day is fast approaching I believe, where one or all of us will face similar circumstances. Will we stand for God's word or succumb to persecution of men? We must remind ourselves often of the apostles answer to the commands of the council to stop preaching about Jesus. "...we must obey God rather than men (Acts 5:29)

Who will you choose to obey?