The Last Brownie

The Last Brownie

While friends swayed and sang along, "You are not alone," my heart demanded action from my soul. Fine Lord, I am not alone. But unless you plan to put flowers in my locker and take me for ice cream Friday night, it’s just not good enough...

Days later, I attended a barbecue. There were plenty of other singles, too, until it came time for the bonfire. While couples pulled out blankets and ingredients for s’mores, I returned to the food table where one plate, in particular, stood out.

There it is! That’s it! That’s me.

Alone, unselected, and with a corner broken off, was one last brownie. I leaned forward to take a closer look and Yep, someone must have picked it up, taken a part, and put it back. Bingo.

Are my expectations too high? My thighs too big? Must I be more athletic? Give lipstick a try?

For years, I felt like that last brownie on the plate; picked up, broken, and put back. My heart grew hard like burnt brownies.

In the midst of my intense search to find the magical formula I’d somehow missed, I discovered something key in my fight. I discovered I was looking at the brownie in the wrong way.

If you look at my plate at the end of a meal, you’ll discover I save the best for last. If it were a brownie, you’d know I liked it especially. The brownie would be alone not because it was rejected, but because it was selected.

Because I set it apart.

When I finally agreed with who God said I was, I saw the brownie differently. I stopped comparing to the ‘chosen’ treats and scrutinizing everything I wasn’t. Instead, I believed even in the midst of my hurt and longing, to wait on the Lord would be my best choice of all.

I’ve never been the unwanted brownie. Neither have you nor will you ever be. Truth is, all of us are set apart for God’s glory, and we all have different stories.

I was set apart to wait for God’s plan. This doesn’t mean I was suddenly cheerful for dateless Friday nights, but I did have a spark. There is this spark of excitement when we realize God is working a surprise. The longer the wait, perhaps the sweeter the gift!